Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry was established in 1987, the only one listed companies listed on the table, after years of hard temper, has grown into a Chinese watch flagship business, set watch development, design, manufacture and sales as one , With “Fiyta” famous brand and “Harmony” commercial brand, marketing network covering the whole country, and extended to foreign countries. Fiyta professional watch brand, many times with the Chinese astronauts battle space, with its outstanding performance achievements legend legend. Fiyta watch for the taste of one by one show superb craftsmanship, ingenuity design, record the perfect moment of life. Ahead of the trend of the Cartier love ring replica product style, in the interpretation of the classic watch culture at the same time, but also convey the awareness of time, the idea of life.

In 1987, the whole era of great progress, Shenzhen, the seaside city is in the integration, the forefront of prosperity. Deep cultural influence, the development of cutting-edge forces, Fiyta with modest and broad vision, focusing on “Cartier love bracelet replica” this is bound to innovate in the industry.

Independent development of tourbillon movement, aerospace movement, innovation and research and development of titanium and other titanium watch new materials, watch design competition, creative watch design and technology … … Fiyta in the interpretation of the classic Knockoff Cartier juste un clou bracelet culture, but also always conveyed “Enterprising” life proposition. Recently, the Hong Kong artist Louis Koo became the first image of the watch spokesperson. “Perfect time Perfect life”

With superb watchmaking skills, at the beginning of this century, Fiyta became China’s manned space business partners, not only as astronauts ground training special Knockoff Cartier Nail bracelet, but also with space heroes to explore the feat of space.

In 2003, China’s first manned spacecraft “Knockoff Amulette de Cartier Necklace” successfully travel space and return, Yang Liwei is wearing a Fiyta limit series of space table. In 2005, the space hero Yang Liwei visited Russia, on behalf of the Chinese space department, the Fiyta table as a “national ceremony” presented to the Russian Space Agency.

In 2005, the limit series of space table with the care of “Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Earrings” astronauts to achieve up to 115 hours and 32 minutes, travel about 325 million kilometers of space flight, live up to expectations.

In 2008, “Knockoff Van Cleef & Arpels Clover necklace” astronauts to complete China’s first space walk. Limit series of space table “Skywalker”, as an auxiliary timing equipment, in the space suit outside the plane danger. This watch with a Fiyta independent research and development of complex mechanical movement, and a powerful anti-magnetic, shock and other functions. Then

At the same time, Fiyta has also for the Asian Winter Games, Asian Sailing Championships and other international sports events to provide timing equipment. In recent years, Fiyta to limit the series together with the Chinese motorcycle team, in the Knockoff Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Bracelet, the “battle of the world’s most difficult and most dangerous” Dakar Rally … … in a variety of unknown environment, the Fiyta table has been Heroes of the place, also received a complement echoes.

Since 2003, Fiyta watchmakers on behalf of the national watch industry, to participate in the International Organization for Standardization Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica Committee technical work conference, and from Switzerland, Germany and other countries of the watch industry together to revise the international standard watch industry.

At present, all the capital cities in China as the focus, covering a wide range of cities in China, and in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other six countries and regions to establish a sales terminal.

Each Faya table, in the rigorous and sophisticated design, production and assembly, in the in-depth event, not only embodies the aesthetic value of art, comfortable wearing feelings, but also express the wearer’s temperament and unique life Advocate.

Fiyta watch how, User rating

Comment one: old brand. not bad. As long as you are not deliberately damaged, with a 10 years 8 years no problem.

Comments 2: made four large table first (flying Ya Duo Rossi Yibo Wang) one of the world’s third day aerospace table (Omega Fulai Si Yada) quality you worry

Comments 3: price in the watch is very fair, and I have a magnificent blue face of the watch, with a very beautiful, like a fake Van Cleef & Arpels Clover bracelet, but let me fall a few times, no something wrong, that is, mirror knock off, Money sticky, mirror no turnout, yes. Is this section of the chain buckle Loong, like I do not pay attention, with the still quite satisfied with the hope to help you

Comments 4: Feida quality is not bad, the strength lies in the style design, as the LS friends said the price, I can not agree, and Feida price pit father is one of the characteristics of course, now Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace can not say completely There is no self-produced movement of the ability of his hands in Shanghai shares, so now there will be marked with self-produced movement of the table, in fact, Shanghai.

From the movement to see, Fiyta movement with no less than three sources, domestic, Nissan, Swiss production.First said that the Swiss movement, Fiyta with ETA core table can be sold more expensive than Tissot, personal That is, it is silent, followed by Nissan core, that is white is the Citizen 8200 series, is the only mechanical movement of Citizen series (there is a 4XXX movement, in fact, make it beautiful point, and 8200 no essential difference But to be clear that all other manufacturers with the Citizen movement and Citizen’s own use is different, Citizen export movement by the MIYOTA production. And Feida with 8200 (Figure), the performance of the test is also stable. Of the table did not see the sale is cheaper than the Fake Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry. Finally, domestic, because the Shanghai may now have the largest movement of the series manufacturers, so the future is not likely to go to other operators Al Qaeda other things. Seagull in the movement of quality is not bad, at least not worse than MIYOTA movement.

From the style point of view, Fiyta some of the design is really pretty, if it is a few thousand pieces of the table, the style of Italy, then personal Replica Cartier jewelry thought or can buy, but if tens of thousands, or forget it.

Comments five: put aside the old Shanghai Beijing table is not, and now the hottest gulls compared to the Fiyta is one of the four small domestic brands, and King, Rossini, according to wave side by side. Quality okay, performance make do, good value for money, do not greet the brand-name effect of people can buy to wear. The biggest problem is that these four table business itself is not able to develop design movement, all using foreign movement, cheap seagull Shanghai movement, a little better is the movement of the Knockoff Cartier Love Bracelet Real Gold, high-end products in recent years also use part of the Swiss ETA movement, it can only be regarded as a case manufacturer, no soul only, it is a pity!

Comments six: first Fiyta watch is one of the four famous brands in China, it is not known in the country that the quality can also, it is more than 5000 of the movement of Switzerland, 5000 are under the Japanese machine core. I personally, if it is to buy machinery, I certainly choose the Swiss brand.

Fiyta watch price

Fiyta watches offer from 500-16000 per month. The most popular watches in 1000 yuan or so.