Martinez found a few items, including a Cartier jewelry replica, which includes the value of 20,000 US dollars custom diamond ring, Cartier nail bracelet replica, Rolex watches, imitation Bulgari rings, copy Cartier Love bracelet David Doher Man bracelet and a few bottles of expensive perfume.

 He said, “Hope we’ll find out who we do, and if you offer a Platinum Cartier ring with 10 diamonds, remember that it might be mine and it is stolen.”

 Since Ricky provided Anabelle with a $400,000 Cartier ring replica, he wanted to be forgiven and did not seem to have shown himself a unique and unique figure in YouTube’s “Episode” teaser.

 The auction house also canceled the sale of other items (including the 7,000 sale of the Bela Kadar painting in London); unpublished auctions (including silver-plated earrings, pink chiffon sequins and valentino packages); Auction items of trust (including known as the “Cartier ring fake” worth nearly $3 million jade and diamond ring).