1, a symbol of life love commitment to the cartier diamond ring knock off does not care how much your diamond ring brand, whether we must choose the big cartier diamond ring. Diamond wedding ring, should be selected with the shape of the diamond-shaped hand, a diamond style depends on the shape after cutting, traditionally has five kinds of cutting shape, round, oval, pear, square, heart In the cutting at the same time, also determines its mosaic way.

2, professional copy cartier ring diamond grading, 4C is: weight, color, clarity and cut. The same weight of the cartier ring diamond, choose the big table can be larger diamond, the table that is the surface of the diamond surface.

3, the purchase of imitation cartier wedding ring after most businesses have to retain the certificate, this must be preserved, so that when the problem came to repair. 1 carat = 100 points, about a size of soybeans, the current market carat diamond ring is very popular, with the potential to preserve and increase appreciation.

4, cartier Love ring replica without pure gold inlaid, 24K pure gold is very soft, diamonds inlaid in the above is easy to fall off; and gold substrate diamonds, it is easy to cast a yellowish luster, damage the quality of diamonds. Married three months before the beginning of the selection of fake cartier wedding ring, leaving enough time to shop around.