1. Cartier love ring knock off how to identify the authenticity of the ring to see the cut is the only human factor to determine the quality and value of diamonds, it determines the color of diamonds and bright, good cut the diamond can be inside the bright light through the cutting surface of the careful arrangement and release. It can be seen that the merits of the cut not only determine whether the wedding ring is beautiful, but also a direct impact on the value of the knock off Cartier wedding ring.

2. Observe the clarity of the Cartier love ring copy

The higher the clarity of diamonds, the more precious. Diamonds in the crystallization process, often with a subtle natural mark, recording the diamond formed a long and wonderful process, it is like the nature of the fingerprints, so that each diamond unique.

3. Check the color of the Cartier love replica ring

Different diamonds replica Cartier jewelry have different natural colors, the color of diamonds to colorless for the top grade, with the deepening of the yellow and gradually second.