It is common to use gold, silver, and other precious materials (minerals, rocks, creatures, etc.) made of gold and silver and other precious stones, handicrafts or other collectibles collectively referred to as jewelry, so there are “gold and silver replica Hermes jewelry” Items of the jewelry line also collectively referred to as “jewelry line”. Scientificly speaking, “jewelry” and the general concept of “gem” is the same. The broad gem refers to those raw materials that are suitable for pondering or carving for Fake Hermes jewelry or handicrafts.

Cat’s Eye is one of the important variants of the Emerald Mineral. Hardness of 8.5 degrees, second only to diamonds and red, sapphire, its color mostly honey yellow, yellow brown, yellow green, green and white, coffee and other colors, are clearly with golden hue, the Chinese name and therefore derived. Good cat’s eye Cartier love ring replica stone, the cat’s bright line is located in the center of the gem of the gable, narrow and clear boundary, and was active. Cat’s Eye is very valuable due to its special light effect, and more than 10 karats of high quality cat’s eye can be worth millions of dollars.

Opal stone mineral name called gold and green gem, in this gem can see a flash like a cat’s eyes bright band, bright with the light can change the strength. Gold emerald for the orthorhombic Replica Hermes Clic H bracelet, hardness 8.5, the proportion of 3.5 to 3.7, refractive index of 1.74 to 1.76. Transparent, translucent or opaque. There are a variety of yellow colors, of which the best sunflower. This cat’s eye-like flash effect is caused by fine parallel cracks. Can produce similar to the cat’s gems that kind of light gem there are many, such as the quartz cat’s eye, its flash is because of the orientation of the asbestos fibers and other substances, such as the proportion of cat’s gruel as gold and gold gem, flash is far less than gold Green cat’s eye is clear and bright. Cheap Cartier Juste un clou bracelet is very rare, so the most precious. Sri Lanka is a famous origin of the cat’s eye, so the golden green cat’s eye is also called the Oriental cat’s eye.


People first found in the sand gold and gold gems, the current exploitation of cat’s eye area is more in the slope of the river bed. The formation of primary gold emerald is related to the interaction of the bauxite volatile components of the granite melt with the ultra-basic rocks rich in chromium. To this end, the original green emerald prolific in intertidal ultramafic rock containing emerald green omen, geologists called gas-filled hydrothermal deposits, with many emerald green, all the emerald and emerald Often grow together. After the formation of the original green emerald, subject to weathering Cartier love bracelet replica erosion will become a sand mine, in a certain favorable location of mineralization. The famous Sri Lanka cat’s eye and stone is produced in the sand. The original gold emerald is also produced in the pegmatite veins, the gold emerald is the result of the melting of volatile components. Due to the crystallization of some fusible minerals, leading to the formation of pegged veins. Along the cracks and faults of the surrounding rocks, the gold-green stones form isolated crystals in them, and the minerals that are symbiotic with the emerald in the pegged veins are beryls (including emerald), tourmaline and apatite The The peacock is mostly an ancient metamorphic rock (gneiss), which may be the source rock of the emerald.