Can not tell the authenticity of the replica Cartier love ring, you can take it to the counter cleaning, so you can also understand the authenticity of the product from the side. If it is genuine, Cartier counter is responsible for free maintenance, if it is Cartier love ring imitation, the staff will tell.

Cartier love ring fake has a unique number, commonly known as identity cards, and then is to see the color, and copy Cartier ring sub-platinum, gold, rose gold, platinum, this depends on consumers usually understand these jewelry, and weight Should be very heavy, the fake are made of alloy, the components are very light, and the color is too bright.

Want to know the specific authenticity of the knock off Cartier love ring, it is necessary to purchase Cartier, asked the boutique to the product certificate. No certificate, it must not be genuine, or improper way to come. Certificate must have, because holding a certificate can be anywhere in the world Cartier jewelry replica boutiques require free cleaning and maintenance.