The main origin of gold and gold gems are Sri Lanka and the former Soviet Union Ural, followed by Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar and the United States and other places.

Sri Lanka is the famous green emerald origin, is also the only country to produce stone and gold Cartier love bracelet replica. The country’s green emerald deposit is located 60 kilometers southeast of Kandy City, has more than 2000 years of mining history, is a large integrated sand mine. The gypsum-rich plateau consists of granulite facies metamorphic rocks, with a mineralized area of about 2,000 square kilometers. And gemstone symbiotic gems are sapphire, ruby, zircon, spinel and so on. These Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry are produced in the valley alluvial, ore-bearing alluvial layer generally 1.5-15 meters, sometimes up to 30 meters. Sri Lanka produced cat eye best quality, with honey yellow, light band was three lines for the special treasures. The country’s cat’s eye for the world cherished, and very famous, Sri Lanka cat’s eye has a special English name: Cymophane. This cat’s eye has a strange phenomenon, when the cat’s eye on the two spotlight beam. As the gem turns, the cat’s eye will open and close.

Cat’s eye refers to the golden effect of the cat’s eye with gold, in all gems, with cat’s eye effect of many varieties of gemstones, but only in the national standard with cat’s eye effect of gold Cheap Cartier Love bracelet real gold and gold can be directly called the cat’s eye, the other cat’s eye with gems are Can not be directly called cat’s eye. The gold-and-gable minerals are beryllium aluminum oxide (BeAl2O4). The raw mineral crystals are often plate-like, short columnar crystals, which are orthorhombic. The refractive index is 1.745-1.755, the density is 3.76g / cm3, the hardness is 8-8.5 , The common colors are golden yellow, yellow green, gray green, brown, brown and so on, the color of the cause is that the gold emerald mineral containing F ions. Cat’s eye is mainly produced in Sri Lanka, Brazil and other places, Cheap Cartier love bracelet real gold has been known to the world. The reason for the cat’s eye is that there are a lot of fine, dense, parallel-arranged filamentous rutile mineral inclusions inside the emerald mineral, and the refractive index of rutile is 2.60-2.90. Because of the refractive index of the gold emerald and rutile The greater the difference, so that the incident light reflected through the rutile inclusions, concentrated into a light and the formation of cat’s eye diagram, when the opaque opaque, rutile silk-like body more intensive, the more obvious cat’s eye effect. When using a condenser flashlight Knockoff Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Earrings, at a certain angle, the cat’s eye to the light half of the yellow, while the other half showed milky white. If you use two condenser flashlight from two directions to illuminate the cat’s eye, and at the same time to the direction of the fillet body as the axis of turning stones, we can see the cat eyeliner opened for a while, a moment to close the phenomenon. Cheap Cartier Love Jewelry Cat’s Eye Gem is a valuable gem variety, its quality is good or bad mainly by the color, eyeliner, weight and other decisions, respectively, to be briefly described: 1, color: cat’s eyes have a variety of colors to bring the other hue of yellow 2, eyeliner: eyeliner Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica requires straight, uniform, continuous and continuous line, clear and not cloudy, bright and not dark, the main color is yellow, green, brown, ; 3, weight: the gem, the greater the weight, the value of geometric multiple is increased, the cat’s eye is no exception, the market has been very little, and more than 5cm in diameter is even more rare.

Identification of cat’s eye true and false method is as follows:

1. The main feature of the cat’s eye is to see the clear brown yellow Knockoff Cartier Love bracelet real gold. Cat’s eye-shaped silk-like package body is rutile, some empty tube. Because these tubular inclusions are slender and dense, the cat’s eye effect is particularly noticeable, and is also very clear under the weaker light source. This is the other gems can not match.

2. With a single light source from the cat’s eye side of the irradiation, Knockoff Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace on both sides of the different colors. From the left side of the honey as the yellow cat’s eye, the left was honey yellow, side was milky white, from the right side of the irradiation, the color is just the opposite.

3. Artificial cat’s eye is made of glass fiber, with red, blue and brownish yellow, which brownish yellow varieties like some natural cat’s eye stone. The difference between the two is: artificial Fake Cartier Jewelry in the arc at the top of the same time there are 2-3 bright band, while the natural cat’s eye is only one; with a magnifying glass to observe the artificial cat’s eye on both sides, visible hexagonal honeycomb structure; Stone is lower than the hardness of natural cat’s eye stone.