Nomos factory where Glashütte is a century-old watch production town, its legend can be traced back to Knockoff Cartier Love bracelet real gold manufacturer founder Ferdinand Adolph lange (1815-1875) and his son. In 1845 Lange in Glashütte to create a manufacturing jewelry factory, he was in accordance with the unique self-quality ideas to personally teach employees, but also help a lot of people to build their own studio. In just a few years, the mechanical devices manufactured by Lange and the precision timers have become “highly accurate” consent, and even have been appreciated by Cheap Cartier Love bracelet.

In the nineteenth century Glashütte was known for making the highest quality gorgeous Replica Cartier juste un clou bracelet, and people said, “Glashütte’s Lange watch is not made for mass production.” In fact, Lange’s pocket watch is really extravagant, like a Only complicated and exquisite works of art, only the rich only to buy from. With the reunification of Germany, the traditional watchmaking industry reborn again, Glashütte as a unique watch industry center of the unique style and influence also revived. As the new watch manufacturing industry’s first top spot – Nomos that inherited the glashütte centuries of Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry manufacturing history, to create a very high quality mechanical watch, the birth of Glashütte birth of the prestigious, because of this, Nomos can become a German As a national treasure watch.

In 1925, LACHER & CO. Was founded by two young German watchmakers Frieda Lacher and LudwigHummel in the German watch design and manufacturing center of Pforzheim. The name of Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Earrings is derived from the first syllable of Lacher and Co. The company established early, committed to the production of precision watch parts. From 1933 onwards, Long Kun began to produce a series of high-quality watch movement.

In 1940, Langkun and IWC, a.lange & soehne, Stowa and Wempe participated in the B-Uhr program. B-Uhr is the abbreviation of German Beobachtungsuhr, “observation table” meaning. Its main features are: high precision, good reading recognition. As a result of the B-Uhr plan in the World War II during the reputation of Langkun, its original marked with Arabic numerals inside and outside the ring without reflective sub-black surface and hot blue steel fluorescent pointer, has become a modern pilot table logo design. 2000 years to commemorate the company to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the launch of the original movement Fake Amulette de Cartier Necklace, the case of 55MM pilot engraved collection limited edition series, but also became a fever-level friends competing to compete for the style. In addition, Langkun also launched a limited edition of the world’s 20 collection of pocket pocket watch, it is the use of very scarce during the old war between the old movement and the old rhodium-plated nickel-copper case made of special backpack design can enjoy the 1945 Discontinued original movement, its exquisite appearance and full of historical significance is amazing. Long Kun also for the German active forces specially customized special forces series watch, its excellent performance enough to deal with all kinds of harsh wild environment, coupled with tough tough design achievements of this show Langkun professional military watch the quality of the device for the The

Hyundai Langkun was formally taken over by Andreas Guenther, the sixth-generation successor of the Lachler family. Has been committed Replica Cartier jewelry to inheriting the family tabulation process, carry forward the German watchmaking spirit of Andreas, in today’s Swiss watch industry, adhere to the German original manufacturing, derived from the German line of superb craftsmanship and pure design, in the United States , Japan and other overseas markets have a significant response.

In 1920, in a small village close to Bémont, watchmaker Jacques Beaufort set up his own custom Cartier jewelry factory. He will be the new company named “Elysee” and began to produce high-grade gold watch, especially inlaid with diamonds 1940 series. In terms of quality and unique design, Jacques Beaufort’s watches have enjoyed an excellent reputation at an early stage. Pure gold strap and some other innovative details of the design has been far ahead of that era. After a long period of time after the death of Jacques Beaufort, Eisai was reintegrated by a company based in Pforzheim, Harer. In 1991, Mr. Reiner Seume received all the trademark use rights of Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace Real gold Elysee brand in the past ten years based on his brand concept, re-brand positioning and resource integration, given the new brand vitality, has made remarkable development. After 1999, Elysee began the internationalization of the brand. Reiner Seume will be the combination of Elysee and racing, the 50s of the last century the world’s best racing driver GRAF BERGHE VON TRIPS legend into the brand culture, so that the watch is not just a life accessories, and become a person’s style statement, It is a touch of wrist legend.

Elysee classic Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Necklace series of watches for the Elysee brand spirit “passion and speed to create legend” to make a perfect interpretation. Precision professional racing table, a symbol of F1 racing track shading, beating the red second hand, all highlight the game will never end, endless chase the speed of blood and passion. At the same time, Elysee not only has the speed of obsession, as well as elegant worship. Ladies watch series will be fashion and classical elements combined into the ballet dance elements, to convey the taste of tender taste and gorgeous