Since 1948, Pomellato has changed the world’s attitude of fine jewelry and luxury itself. Though, this brand is relatively discreet and understated, it has made an undeniable impression on the accessibility, prevalence and opinion of fine jewelry for everyday wear. Keep reading to learn more about this influential brand’s beginnings and rise to success.

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In 1967 Pino Rabolini founded Pomellato with a single idea: to create pret-a-porter fine jewelry. Before, it wasn’t common to take fine jewelry from day to night and wearing fine gems was not seen as a fashion statement, but as a status symbol. Using large, colored semi and semi-precious stones, Pomellato created bold designs for a contemporary and fashionable woman.

The name Pomellato comes from “cavillino pomellato,” which is a translation of spotted pony. Founder Rabolini came from a family of goldsmiths, giving him experience working with fine metal for jewelry setting. The Pomellato jewelry knockoff brand quickly became a luxury staple for Italian women before the band expanded globally. Today, Pomellato jewelry replica is one of the top five European jewelers according to sales.

In the ’90s, Pomellato began working with colorful stones, precious and semi-precious alike. The use of semi-precious stones was uncommon in fine jewelry and Pomellato revolutionized the industry. Not only did this move allow for the use of more color combinations, but it allowed more women to access luxury jewelry due to the lower price point.

pomellato jewelry fakeThe Cheap Pomellato Nudo ring collection is perhaps the best example of the brand’s innovation in design and material. The collection also features some of the most identifiable Pomellato jewelry designs. The innovation lies in the setting; Pomellato ring replica submerged the stone partially and without a claw. This, coupled with creative cuts and a minimal band, allowed the colorful gems to shine at the forefront.

In 1994, Pomellato jewelry created a secondary brand that would later become the most profitable for their brand. The brand launched DoDo. The brand, named for the extinct bird, features silver, gold and diamond animal charms, each with a specific meaning. Part of the proceeds go to the Italian World Wildlife Fund.


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