Although the wedding band may be the most symbolic jewelry, but the engagement ring is our real obsession. This is a very important part of the feeling. This is the center of the decision to marry. Smooth and low-key things, or a gorgeous retro works with many years of history, there are always more engagement rings than it looks. We ask our editors to share the story of their own replica Cartier engagement ring.

Jennifer Lawrence: “He has an idea of what I like, it’s an old round diamond because I like the delicate elegance of old diamonds.I have seen a lot of old fake Cartier gold rings, delicate shapes, perfect combinations, I have a very nice circle around the center diamonds, and I like the diagonal sleeve because it is “embracing” the diamonds. It looks very comfortable. In the Cartier replicas ring, I I do not wear too much jewelery – the only thing I wear is the fake Cartier love ring, so it’s important for me that the ring is the essence of the ring. I do not wear too much jewelry. Rather than “jewelry”.

Lisa Wang: “I always thought I was an independent, Simone de Beauvoir loves feminists, so warm up the idea of marriage. But after years of still calling me” boyfriend “, I have to admit that I like this We have been talking about a period of time, we do not have a ring, but I noticed the copy of the Cartier copy love ring, so the next day we went to the boutique, bought together. I usually do not wear a lot of Cartier fake jewelry, so I wanted some simple and classic stuff, but I liked it with a subtle atmosphere of the 1970s.